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How it Works
Register your CV and we will get to work for you in no time!

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Simply upload your CV and leave the rest to us! You're in control of your CV; You can update or cancel your account at any time.

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TheCVBank will distribute your CV free of charge to the UK’s leading job boards and recruiters, saving you time and effort.

You Relax & Wait

Just relax and let employers find you! Our partners will send you relevant jobs, which will match your specific skill set.

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Get Your CV Noticed In Less Than 60 Seconds!

Wonder why you should distribute your CV?

  • Stop settling for a job; discover your career!

  • Registering on multiple sites & filling in forms after forms is a pain.
    Let TheCVBank take this hassle away!

  • Let's be honest! Finding work is hard work. But it doesn't need to be.

  • TheCVBank distributes your CV for you and you need to register once.

Why us
Let others' success stories tell you the truth.
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    I was really blown away with the service provided!

    • Michelle Hotchkiss
    • Sales rep
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    The service is by far the most professional and satisfactory I have ever met. Highly recommended.

    • Peter Brewer
    • Account manager
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    I received a job offer within 1 month of joining TheCVBank and have been working ever since.

    • Ben Hamilton
    • Project manager
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About us
TheCVBank is a revolution in job hunting technology!

We distribute more CVs than anyone else in the UK!